Tour Planner for Kanha Kisli National Park

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The Forest is divided in 8 different Zones i.e. Core and Buffer zone and you need to get a permit(very limited availability) from Government to visit any of the zone inside the Forest so stay connected to my entire post to know how to get a permit and various other alternatives and information.

So lets start with some facts about this wild,dense and largest National Park of M.P.
With Spread of approx 940 km2 across two districts of M.P i.e Mandla and Balaghat this is the Largest and dense forest of Madhya Pradesh with highest number of Tiger's reserved, This forest is not just limited to Tigers but you will get an opportunity to see Leopard, wild dog, fox, jackals,Barasingha,BlackBuck and other species as well.

The Flaura and Fauna won't dissapoint you at all during your stay in Kanha.

Before planning your trip it is very important to get a permit to enter the forest which are very limited for Core Zones.

Let's see the structure of the zones.

The Forest is divided into 2 types of zone i.e. Core zone and Buffer Zone.

Core Zone : Kanha , Kisli , Mukki , Sarhi Buffer Zone: Khapa, Khatia, Phen, Sijora

Core zones are the most dense areas of the forest with high density of Tigers and other animals. This is the most preferred zone if you want your safari to be considered successful by sighting wild animals and Tiger as there is the higest probability of sighting tiger and other animals .

Buffer Zone is the outer area of the dense forest . Buffer zone has lowest probability of tiger sighting and other wild animals as there is always intrusion of villagers.

Type fo Safari:

At present only Safari through Gypsy is available and very soon Hot Air balloon will be avaiable. Elephant safari is completely restricted.

There are three slots available for Safari i.e. Morning(7:00 AM - 10:30 AM) , Evening (3:00 PM to 6:30 PM) , Nights Safari (7:00 PM -10:30 PM)

Safari can be booked for both core zone and buffer zone through website Night safari needs to be booked over the counter available on the gate.

Before planning your trip please visit -> Create your account and book your permit as for Core zone it is very limited and booked in advanced.

Permit for Buffer zone is always available and can be booked a day before as well.

You can book a single seat in Bus safari which will take you to either one of the core zone route.This option is very pocket friendly
Tatkal booking opens a day prior to your safari date at 5:00 PM through online and over the counter which gets booked very instantly so recommendation is to not rely on Tatkal or any other Agent based booking.

Gypsy: 2500 INR (Mandatory)

Permit: 1550 INR (Mandatory)

Guide: 500 INR (Mandatory)

If you want to travel in the Bus in SIngle seat mode the only charge you have to pay is 550 INR which includes your permit and guide and bus travel cost whcih is suggested to book online before your travel

Now follow the process once you have received your permit from the counter or Online.

You can call your Hotel and provide them the Permit they will arrange the Gypsy from your hotel itself by paying 300 INR extra . Else you can visit the Khatia or any other gate and visit the Gypsy booking counter and the gypsy is assigned on your alloted time after providing them the permit and Gypsy charges.

Once the Gypsy is alloted you have to visit the Ticket booking couter along with the IS proofs of all the Visitors and 500INR in cash to the counter for Guide allotment . The guide will follow you gypsy after the allotment and your safari will commence.
Night safari is booked over the counter and will be done for Buffer zone only.

If you are travelling for commercial photography or Film you can also book a full day safari which needs to be done through counter or forest department.

How to reach

Routes available from Bhopal:

1) Bhopal -> Raisen ->Udaipura -> Tendukheda -> Narsinghpur -> Lakhnadon -> Madla -> Kanha. ( Approx : 420 KM / 10 Hrs.) - Road between Raisen and Udaipura is little bit narrow and single lane with some parts are covered with Forest. Road between Udaipura and Gadarwara is under construction but decent four lane road under construction.Gadarwara to Narsinghpur is National Highway and four lane road with no speed disruption.

Recommendation: This route is recommended for SUV's and Car's with good Ground clearance as it may trouble you between Udaipura and Gadarwara.
2) Bhopal -> Risen -> Udaipura -> Gadarwara -> Narsinghpur -> Lakhnadon -> Madla -> Kanha . (Approx:410 KM /10 Hrs) - this Road is the best route with little hickups between Raisen and Udaipura. But overall this is the best route available .

3) Bhopal -> Sagar -> Narsignpur -> Lakhnadon -> Madla -> Kanha: (Approx 500/ >11 Hrs) - This route is suitable for traveller who want to spend maximum of there time on 4 lane national Highway as road after Sagar is four lanes National Highway.

Daily buses to Kanha are available from Jabalpur, Nagpur, Bilaspur, and Raipur. Taxis and private cab services are there too.

The Road conditions are very Good from anywhere but please don't prefer to travel from Mandla to Kanha during night as road is very narrow and most of the areas between Mandla and Kanha are dense and animals can suddenly come up on the road may lead to accidents.

Rail transportation is available till Mandla via Jabalpur.From Mandla you may get Cab/Taxi/Bus(Not Preferred) or Can call your resort to arrange a Taxi for you.
There are bunch of Local Restaurants near Khatia gate and if you are really interested to try the local cuisines and home made food you must visiti these restaurant . There are two Dhabas's you can try Kamlesh and Barman. The food is very resonable and tremendously delicious else your resort can definetely help you with the food arrangements.


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